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Suzy's Manufacturing

Our Story

Private label pet products, since 1954

In 1954, my grandparents, Adriaan van der Linde and Marie-Rose Cordenier, started a small pet accessory shop called Het Suzenhof. The shop was nestled in Knokke-Heist, a little coastal town in Belgium. It was a time and place where you knew all of your neighbours, and little shops like theirs were a staple of social existence. 

Started more out of necessity in the years following the war than out of dreams of creating something big, it was a humble beginning. But my grandparents’ dedication to quality and service always kept their doors open. 

In the 1979, their daughter Suzy van der Linde and her husband Sylvere Dobbelaere took over the business, changing the name to Suzy’s to appeal to a wider audience. They immediately got to work making custom pet bows in a small workshop, and didn’t stop there.

They spent the next several years expanding their product line, scaling up production, and turning Suzy’s into a global brand, producing over 200,000 baskets, cushions, and carriers per year. Since my parents took over, every product with a Suzy’s label has been designed and made by us, with fabrics from trusted sources in locations like Sweden and France. 

Most recently, the business has passed to me, Sascha Dobbelaere. Our team’s goal is to continue the legacy of care and attention to detail that my family has always put into making Suzy’s products special. We want to ensure that Suzy’s continues to offer a combination of timeless and fashion forward designs, while expanding our line to make quality pet products available to everyone. 

So take a look at our products. We have cushions, baskets, carriers, and coats. If you don’t see a design that matches your business or target customers, contact us. We can discuss your needs and create custom products to fit them. We make new products every season, so you can always get something fresh to excite your clients.

I look forward to working with you.

Sascha Dobbelaere
3rd generation Director