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Suzy's Manufacturing


Deliveries? Storage? We have your back.

Once you decide on your designs, you’ll have a couple options for delivery. We can either send them to your warehouses, or we can store your order and take care of the distribution for you. This is ideal if you run an ecommerce business, have regular deliveries to various shops, or need to get products to your customers as quickly as possible. Whatever the reason, we will take on the burden of shipping and be fast and efficient doing it.

If you are making a custom order, please give yourself enough time for the items to be produced. You can find the details here if you want to learn more about manufacturing time.

For completed items that are in-stock, an order placed before 16:00 Brussels time can be shipped out of our warehouse to any European country the same day. Deliveries should be expected to arrive within 24 to 48 hours, depending on the country.

Still have questions? Contact us to directly discuss your options.